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March 2022

Emulate Lung-Chip

Organ-on-a-Chip Network & Emulate Proof of Concept Award Projects

9 March 2022

The Network and Emulate Inc. are pleased to announce that six projects were successful in the recent funding round for the Organ-on-a-Chip Network & Emulate Proof of Concept Awards. The Queen Mary+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre, a new core facility at Queen Mary University of London, is open for Network members to ... [more]

November 2021

A still from 'A cookie's journey to the brain'.  Watch the full video below.

'A cookie's journey to the brain' – an interview with the filmmakers

23 November 2021

Flavio Bonani, Haley Ehlers and Arya Lekshimi Nair are three PhD students carrying out research on organ-chips with Mimetas in the Netherlands. Inspired by the three-minute film competition, run by the Organ-on-a-Chip Network's Early Career Research Advisors, they decided to work together to produce a short film titled: A cookie's ... [more]

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Technology Touching Life Networks showcase their achievements

11 November 2021

The five UKRI funded TTL networks – 3DBioNet, Imaging BioPro, Integrated Biological Imaging, Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies & PhenomUK - jointly organised a virtual network event on 28 & 29 September to showcase achievements made over the past three years and discuss future directions for the networks. Participants included academics, researchers, industrialists and funders across the UK, ... [more]

August 2021

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Grant Prix Ideas Workshop – just what the doctor ordered

11 August 2021

Led by Paul Holloway, Early career advisors Chloe Whitehouse, Matthew Hockley, and Luana Osório, from the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network ran a very successful, online workshop held on 15 & 16 July - encouraging participants to develop skills needed to kick start project ideas that could help lead to future funding. The event ... [more]

April 2021

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Projects awarded network funding for organ-chips research

28 April 2021

Over £200K was awarded to fund ten pump-priming projects from the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network in a very competitive final funding round. The primary goal of this award is to help network members leverage additional funding to drive forward their research in organ-on-a-chip technology and predictive in vitro models. Therefore, successful ... [more]

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Successful projects for the Organ-on-a-Chip Network & Emulate Proof of Concept Awards

28 April 2021

The Network and Emulate Inc. are pleased to announce that four projects were successful in the recent funding round for the Organ-on-a-Chip Network & Emulate Proof of Concept Awards. The Queen Mary+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre, a new core facility at Queen Mary University of London, is open for Network members to ... [more]

October 2020

Modelling of real-world disease breakout group (from top left on screen: Elisabete Silva; Andrew Pitsillides; Gerard Cummins; Charareh Pourzand; Alessandra Granata; John Greenman; Paul Holloway; Tomasz Kostrzewski; Valerie Speirs)

Organ on chip funding sandpit goes virtual

5 October 2020

Thanks to the new world of on-line events, the OOACT Network's sandpit – originally planned face to face in April this year – was run successfully in MS Teams from 29 September to 1 October. This interactive funding sandpit event provided a great opportunity for 32 senior academics and industrialists from across the UK to ... [more]

September 2020

Human Emulation system - Emulate, Inc

Organ-on-a-Chip Network and Emulate Proof of Concept Award

7 September 2020

The Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network and Emulate, Inc. are offering network members the opportunity to apply for a Proof of Concept Award to use a brand-new core facility at Queen Mary University of London: the QM+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre. This initiative aims to help academics develop new research projects by providing ... [more]

ECR advisors - top left clockwise: Paul Holloway (chair), Chloe Whitehouse,  Luana Osório and Matthew Hockley

Network welcomes early career researcher advisors

7 September 2020

Following June's call for early career researchers interested in forming our new ECR advisory group within the OOACT Network – we are delighted to announce the following four members: Paul Holloway – University of Oxford (chair), Chloe Whitehouse – University of Nottingham, Matthew Hockley – University of Kent and Luana Osório – Brunel University. ... [more]

May 2020

Virus and Organ-chip (not to scale)

Covid-19 Emulate Organ-Chip Initiative

6 May 2020

The Network is supporting a new initiative to use predictive in vitro models, also known as organ-chips, in the fight against COVID-19. Emulate, Inc is participating in the Organs-on-Chips against COVID-19 initiative (#OoCovid) and donating a set of Organ-Chips to the UK Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network which is run by Prof ... [more]

January 2020

The Organ-on-a-chip team, L to R: Martin, Julia, Sarah, Aysha,  Angel,  Stephen, Matthew, Luana, Paul, Mina, Elisabete, Ashley, Chrysanthi,  Stefaan, Clare & Natt

The Organ-on-a-Chip Shop - a Science Museum highlight!

29 January 2020

On 29 January, Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network scientists and engineers swapped their lab coats for aprons, to run the Organ on a Chip shop at the hugely popular Science Museum Lates in London. This Lates night celebrated the launch of the Museum’s new Medicine Galleries and attracted over 4,000 visitors. Promoted ... [more]

November 2019

Dr Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas and Alfredo Ongaro working in the lab with PLA

Sustainable plastic organ chips hit the news

26 November 2019

Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network funded research based at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, was in the spotlight on BBC Radio Scotland this November. This exciting collaborative project led by Dr Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, provided sabbatical funding for Alfredo Ongaro to work on a method of using a plastic, derived from plants, to produce ... [more]

September 2019

Presenters from the five sabbatical projects funded by the OOACT Network

Organ-on-a-chip technology in the spotlight at this year’s BioMedEng19

24 September 2019

The Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network partnered Imperial College London to run a one day organ-on-a-chip session at this year’s BioMedEng19 held on 5 September.  BioMedEng is the largest UK gathering of engineers working across medicine and biosciences, providing an excellent opportunity for people to hear about the Network’... [more]

April 2019

The morning talks from Researchers and Industry, chaired by ECR network member Dr Clare Thompson and Dr Pranav Vasanthi

Organ-on-a-chip learning and collaborative event a great success

11 April 2019

Close to a hundred academics and industrialists working in the field of organ-on-a-chip technology came to Queen Mary University of London on 8 & 9 April, for a learning and collaborative event organised by the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network. The UK-wide network is providing a foundation for interdisciplinary research in this innovative technology ... [more]

March 2019

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Funding stimulates new collaborations in organ-on-a-chip technologies

27 March 2019

Following the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network call for sabbatical pump-priming projects in October 2018, we are delighted to announce that five projects have been awarded funding. The five successful projects funded in this round include: Next-Generation Material for high-volume production of Sustainable, Biocompatible Organ-On-Chip devices Microfluidic model of human pulmonary artery: vascular ... [more]

September 2018

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Network Launch Event

6 September 2018

The UK Organ-on-a-Chip Network official launch took place last week. On the 6th of September there was a conference day, held in conjunction with the BioMedEng18 Conference, taking place at Imperial College London and followed by a launch day at Queen Mary’s Graduate Centre on Friday the 7th. ... [more]