New Research Funding

The Network has funded a programme of organ-on-a-chip research projects including 18 pump-priming projects and 15 Network+Emulate Proof-of-Concept projects.  These completed projects have so leveraged further research funding amounting to over three million pounds at the time our network funding ended in June 2022. The projects are expected to continue to leverage new research funding advancing the field of organ-chip technology.  Research funding leveraged by the Network as of April 2022 include :

  • Versus Arthritis Fellowship
  • MRC Project Grant
  • NC3Rs Skills & Knowledge Transfer Grant
  • Animal Free Research UK Pilot Grant
  • The Orthopaedics Institute Proof of Concept Funding
  • Pagets Association Funding
  • Oxford-Evos Alliance Grant
  • Emulate Industry funding for the organ-chip centre
  • MRC PhD Studentship
  • NC3Rs PhD Studentship