Mr Alfredo Edoardo Ongaro

Alfredo Edoardo Ongaro

PhD Student

Heriot-Watt University
LocationUnited Kingdom

Research Interests

Materials, Polymers, Polylactic acid, laser, surface, functionalization

I am an enthusiastic and hard working material scientist. I am currently finishing my PhD student at Heriot Watt University joint with the University of Edinburgh, Medical school. My PhD project involves the development of environmentally sustainable single use microfluidic devices and the validation of Polylactic acid as new suitable material for Organ-on-a-chip applications to overcome all the PDMS related drawbacks. I have experience in material hallmarks for Lab and Organ on a chip related applications. I aspire to provide exceptional step-forward in the scientific community for what it concerns the understanding and manipulation of the material properties at the micro and nanoscale for microfluidic and biological applications.