Dr. Anup Dutt Sharma

Anup Dutt Sharma

Lead Scientist

Reseach & Development

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Research Interests

Stem cell differentiation, Brain organoids, Microphysiology systems, Drug screening, Neural tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine

I have extensive experience working on the development of two advanced Organ-on-Chip models. I worked on the development of a Liver microphysiological system at the University of Pittsburgh and then developed the first all human 3D nerve-on-a-chip model at AxoSim, Inc. My current research focuses on the development of 3D myelinated models of brain using primary rodent neural tissue as well as induced pluripotent stem cells. I am also interested in the development of 3D biomimetic models of neural tissue for personalized medicine and disease modeling.

Collaboration Interests

Brain-on-chip consortia.