Dr Carl Sheridan

Carl SheridanPhD

Senior Lecturer

Dept Eye and Vision Science
University of Liverpool
LocationUnited Kingdom
0151 794 9031


Research Interests

Ophthalmology, primary cell culture, Spheroids, differentiation, wound repair, organ culture

Developing 2D and 3D co culture systems utilising substrates with different physical properties (porosity, stiffness) to mimic various ocular tissues in health and disease. I have an extensive collection of primary ocular cells (with and without disease), cell lines and progenitor spheroid cultures. I am an experienced cell biologist with a history in cell-matrix (bio and non bio) interactions and am a keen advocate of cross disciplinary collaborations. We have established the UK's first perfused human organ culture of the anterior segment of the eye.

Collaboration Interests

Chip design and/or validation for Ophthalmology,
3D imaging