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Dr Emma Blain


Senior Lecturer

Department  Biomedicine Division, School of Biosciences
  Cardiff University
Telephone  029 2087 5171

My Interests

 Articular cartilage, Mechanobiology, In vitro loading models, In vivo loading models, Therapeutics

I am a co-applicant on the Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre and manage the mechanical loading laboratory where we have developed both in vivo and in vitro loading models to identify signalling pathways that mediate either anabolic or catabolic responses in connective tissues, in particular articular cartilage. Collectively, the aims of my research and the projects that I am currently involved in are to (1) identify novel mechanotransduction pathways that influence cartilage chondrocyte homeostasis, (2) understand the underlying mechanisms of cartilage destruction propagated by abnormal mechanical load, and (3) identify targeted interventions to delay/halt osteoarthritis progression.

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