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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network




Holger Apitz

Dr Holger Apitz

MRC Programme Manager
Location UKRI-MRC

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Imaging

Katie Bates

Dr Katie Bates

Head of Research Funding
Location NC3Rs


Anthony Holmes

Dr Anthony Holmes

Director of Science and Technology
Department Science and Technology
Location NC3Rs

Hazel Jackson

Dr Hazel Jackson

Science Director
Department Biomedical
Location Animal Free Research UK

in-vitro, funding, research, non-animal, animal free, human relevant

Sam Jackson

Dr Sam Jackson

Programme Manager
Location NC3Rs

Reduction, Neuroscience, Cancer, Safety pharmacology

Lucie Low

Dr Lucie Low

Location National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

microphysiological system, disease modeling, drug development

Alpesh Patel

Dr Alpesh Patel

Grants Officer
Department Animal Free Research UK
Location Animal Free Research UK
01462 436819

animal free research, human relevant models, funding, in vitro models, non-animal derived biomaterials, communication

Uri Schechter

Mr. Uri Schechter


Organ On a Chip, Lab ON a Chip, Microfluidics