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Dr. Melissa Barber

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department  Vascular Biology & Inflammation
  King's College London

My Interests

 Human 3D BBB microfluidics model, Alzheimer's Disease, Ageing-related disease, Nutraceuticals, Neurovascular inflammation, Bioprinting

I am a postdoctoral research scientist working with Prof. Siow, Prof. Aarsland and Prof. Rajendran at KCL who is in the process of setting up a human-based 3D microfluidics BBB model, to investigate how dietary components/nutraceuticals may ameliorate neurovascular inflammation, oxidative stress and metabolic dysfunction in a pre-clinical Alzheimer-disease BBB model. I would be interested in interacting with other scientists involved in a similar OOAC projects, to share protocols, assays, trouble-shooting etc. and discussions as part of a forum. In addition we are interested in culturing hBBB models in physiological hyperoxic conditions and using bioprinting to generate physiologically relevant hBBB models.

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