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Prof Nicole Pamme

Professor in Analytical Chemisry

Department  School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  University of Hull
Telephone  01482 465027

My Interests

 lab-on-a-chip, tissue-on-a-chip, clinical diagnostics on-chip, materials chemistry on-chip, environmental analysis on-chip

The University of Hull has a long track record in microfluidics reserach and we have >20 academic staff working on projects relating to lab-ona-chip, with about half of them having an interest in tissue/organ-on-a-chip systems. My personal research background area is in lab-on-a-chip design, fabrication and application which includes organ-on-a-chip systems. I am involved in supervising students on liver, lung and gut systems as well as blood-brain barrier systems. We have a Lab-on-a-Chip fabrication facility in Hull allowing custom made manufacture of polymer, glass and PDMS devices.

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