Dr Swati Midha

Swati Midha

Research Fellow

UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science
University College London
LocationUnited Kingdom
07501 700506

university college london

Research Interests

3D Bioprinting, Stem cells, biomaterials, animal surgeries, musculoskeletal research

Despite high relevance, musculoskeletal conditions (like osteoarthritis) lack pharmacological treatment due to suboptimal disease models. The organ-on-a-chip technology is a promising alternative to the conventional 2D/3D cell culture models, with closer resemblance to the dynamic in vivo conditions. Hence disease models developed using this technology will reveal important insights about the etiology and severity of diseases and the cellular cross-talks between the different tissues involved in the development of complex musculoskeletal regions, critical for discovering new drug targets and screening of novel drugs for clinical application.