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June 2019

Conference: Organ-on-a-Chip & Tissue-on-a-Chip Europe
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Transducers-eurosensors 2019
Berlin, Germany
Intestinal & Cardiovascular Organoids: practical course and symposium  new
IMBA, Vienna

July 2019

Conference: EUROoC European Organ-on-a-Chip Conference
Graz, Austria
The EUROoC 2019 is a scientific meeting focused on the challenges in the process of designing, fabricating, and implementing microphysiological cell culture systems addressing topics such as...
London cancer and stem cell in vitro models club
London, UK
This event takes place in the Perrin LT, Blizard Institute and is followed by drinks in the Old Library, Garrod Building, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. The event is FREE to attend. No registration...

September 2019

Conference: BioMedEng 2019
London, UK
The UK's largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers & Bioengineers,hosted by the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College. Our delegates will include academics and...
C3Bio training workshop on Lab-on-Chip
Bath, UK

October 2019

Conference: SelectBio Organ on a Chip World Congress 2019
Coronado Island, California

November 2019

Goodbye Flat Biology: Advancing 3D-based Models for Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery
Berlin, Germany
The 4th edition of this highly successful conference will focus on the latest advances in 3D-based cellular models and emerging topics in the areas of cell architecture, mechanobiology, the immune...

December 2019

Conference: Organ-on-a-Chip: Current Gaps and Future Directions
Stevenage, UK
A Biochemical Society Scientific Meeting Organ-on-a-Chip is a hot topic and one of keen interest to many scientists working in translational sciences. Whilst the technology is still in its infancy,...
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