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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network


Funding Opportunities

We will happily help advertise relevant funding opportunities for network members. Please send the details to:

Developing engineering biology breakthrough ideas

UKRI Cross-Council funding opportunity for ‘Breakthrough Awards’ in the field of Engineering Biology.

Your project must focus on one of the following themes from the National Engineering Biology Programme (NEBP):

  • bioinspired design
  • novel materials
  • bioengineered cells and systems.

The FEC for a project is up to £125,000, and project timescale is up to 12 months.

Closing date is 28 July 2021 16:00 UK time and award information 


Emulate: The Colon Intestine-Chip Grant Program 

How would you advance your research with Organs-on-Chips technology?

One grant winner will be selected and receive over $130,000 of equipment, including the essential hardware, chips, validated cells, and scientific support to get started using Organs-on-Chips technology

Closing date June 30th 11:59pm ET and application information.

Animal Free Research UK: Student programme

This Summer Student Programme gives early career scientists valuable laboratory experience in animal free medical research. It helps to show them the importance of human-relevant, non-animal science to tackle human diseases.

Closing date:  5pm on Friday 9 April 2021 UK time and application information.

Animal Free Research UK: Pilot study grants

Animal Free Research UK is awarding Pilot Study Grants to explore new ideas in animal-replacement research that could advance human health. Pilot Study Grants of £5,000 provide short-term support for proof-of-concept studies for up to a maximum of 12 months. In 2021, we will be funding up to 10 one-year pilot studies.

Closing date: 30 April 2021 UK time and application information

Industry Fellowships

The Industry Fellowship is part of the Royal Society's wider Science and Industry Programme which strives to promote the value and importance of science by connecting academia, industry and government. The Industry Fellowship scheme is open to academic and industrial researchers from early to senior career stages based in the UK and covers:

Eligible Costs:

  • Fellows salary, excluding oncosts; 

  • Up to £4,000 can be claimed for research expenses per year.

Closing date: 20 April 2021 15.00 UK time and application information. 

BBSRC collaborative training partnerships

UK registered businesses can apply for funding to set up and run collaborative training partnerships, in collaboration with research organisations. These partnerships should address industrial research challengesThe programme aims to:

  • build capacity
  • address strategic skills challenges in the UK bioeconomy
  • provide candidates with research, innovation and transferable skills
  • The lead applicant should not be eligible for UKRI or BBSRC grant funding

Closing date: 5 May 2021 16:00 UK time. Information and application details.

$50M Program in Human Organs, Physiology, and Engineering (HOPE)

In this program, Wellcome Leap aims to leverage the power of bioengineering to advance stem cells, organoids, and whole organ systems and connections that recapitulate human physiology in vitro and restore vital functions in vivo.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 December 2020. Further information and application details.

Bi/ond #OCCtransition award 

Together with associations we are launching a call for researchers in the OOC field. This initiative aims to promote and accelerate the development of OOC models with the potential to reduce and replace animal testing.

The Prize/ Grant
The winner will receive an in-kind contribution from Bi/ond, with an estimated value of €15,000.00. With this budget Bi/ond will help the winner to transition from their current model to one based on OOC.
This grant will cover the following costs:
· Organ-on-chip hardware (inCHIPit™ and comPLATE™);
· F2F trainings;
· Online support.

Project duration: six months.

Proposal submission deadline: 17 December 2020, 5 pm CET. The call is open to researchers working in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Further information and application details.

UKRI open call for research and innovation ideas to address Covid-19

Proposals are invited for short-term projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since we opened this competition in March 2020 the research and innovation community have responded with some excellent ideas and proposals.

Further information and application Closing date: 31 Dec 2020 16:00 GMT

NC3Rs CRACK IT: Challenges 2020

Challenge 37: STRATIS

The aim of this Challenge is to produce a human-relevant and high throughput in vitro or ex vivo platform that recapitulates the complex structures of skeletal muscle and the pathology of significant injury to them. The platform must offer a model for novel wound therapeutics and approaches to restore form and function after significant soft tissue injury.

Phase 1 application deadline: 5 November 2020.

Further information and application

NC3Rs: Skills and Knowledge Transfer grants

Supports the adoption of alternative, novel 3Rs models, tools and technologies within routine research practice, through the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise. Awards are for up to 24 months, up to £75k (80% FEC). The scheme is currently open to applications

Deadline 4pm, 27 November 2020

Organ-on-a-Chip Network and Emulate Proof of Concept Award

The UK organ-on-a-chip Network and Emulate, Inc. are pleased to offer Network members the opportunity to apply for a Proof of Concept Award to use a brand new core facility at Queen Mary University of London, The Queen Mary-Emulate Organs on Chips Centre.

The total initiative, generously supported by Emulate, consists of approximately £100k of funding and provides access to £120,000 of state-of-the-art organ-chip technology available at the The Queen Mary-Emulate Organs on Chips Centre. Further information

This initiative will operate a rolling call, application deadlines are as follows:
1 March 2021/1 September 2021/1 March 2022

Get funding for ideas that address COVID-19

UKRI will support excellent proposals up to 18 months duration which meet at least one of the following:

  • new research or innovation with a clear impact pathway that has the potential (within the period of the grant) to deliver a significant contribution to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.
  • supports the manufacture and/or wide scale adoption of an intervention with significant potential
  • gathers critical data and resources quickly for future research use

Further information

Wellcome Innovator Awards

These awards support researchers who are transforming great ideas into healthcare innovations that could have a significant impact on human health.

Level of funding: Up to £500,000, or up to £750,000 for multidisciplinary collaborations.

Duration of funding: Usually up to 24 months, or up to 36 months for multidisciplinary collaborations.

Apply on line any time. See award information