Public Engagement

The Networdk has been active in engaging with the public to inform and discuss the potential of organ-on-a-chip technology. Activities have included the following:

  • Science Museum LatesOrgan-on-a-Chip Shop - a major interactive activity designed and run by network ECRs at this event that celebrated the launch of the new Medicine Galleries.
  • Ingenia RAEng magazine article: Life on a Chip
  • Patient involvement: The Network supported members interested in understanding patient and public thinking on organ on a chip technology - helping to ensure that technology development and application responds to the needs and concerns patients and the wider society. Members can contribute via the this forum page.
  • Image competition: This competition was held among network members to submit organ-chip images.
  • Social Media - Early Career Network advisors manage our YouTube page containing interviews with people working in the organs-on-chips field.
  • Press Coverage - Research supported by the Network has received media coverage such as the BBC Scotland (2019) report on Plant-based plastic chip used for medicine testing

chip shop

chip shop team

The Organ-on-a-chip Shop at the Science Museum Lates.