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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network


Organ-on-a-Chip Network & Emulate Proof of Concept Award

The UK Organ-on-a-Chip Network and Emulate, Inc. offer this award to Network members. 

For further information, including how to apply, please visit this webpage:  Proof of Concept Award

 Information on the current projects receiving this award is provided below. 

Advancing Human Synovial Joint Chips

Principal investigator: Karina Wright, Keele University
Co-investigators: Sally Roberts, Keele University
Charlotte Hulme, Keele University

Development of a human placental artery-on-a-chip to study placental vascular function in reproductive toxicology and pregnancy diseases

Principal investigator: Teresa Tropea, University of Manchester
Co-investigators: Paul Brownhill, University of Manchester
Virginia Pensabene, University of Leeds

Establishing an ‘old’ and ‘young’ alveolar model to assess the impact of senescence on immunity to viruses

Principal investigator: Emma Chambers, Queen Mary University of London

Generation and validation of a urine-derived, personalised kidney-on-chip model for kidney disease and nephrotoxicity

Principal investigator: John Sayer, Newcastle University
Co-investigators: Elisa Molinari, Newcastle University

Interrogating the role of hydrolases on colonic barrier dysfunction

Principal investigator: Rachael Barry, Imperial College London

Investigating the diagnostic and drug-screening potential of endothelial-tomesenchymal transition during liver fibrosis

Principal investigator: Neil Dufton, Queen Mary University of London
Co-investigators: James Whiteford, Queen Mary University of London

Investigating the role of tumour associated myeloid cells on malignant cell invasion in a metastatic high-grade serous ovarian cancer-on-chip model

Principal investigator: Fran Balkwill, Queen Mary University of London
Co-investigators: Mina Mincheva, Queen Mary University of London

Modelling anti-fungal immunity in the human intestine

Principal investigator: Neil McCarthy, Queen Mary University of London
Co-investigators: Carol Munro, University of Aberdeen
Daniel Pennington, Queen Mary University of London

Production and validation of a bovine lung-on-a-chip to study bovine respiratory diseases

Principal investigator: Mark Chambers, University of Surrey
Co-investigators: Diane Lee, University of Surrey
Geoff Smith, North Carolina State University
Ronald Baynes, North Carolina State University