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Mrs Vanessa Allwardt


Project Manager

Department  Chemistry
  Vanderbilt University
Telephone  6158758422

My Interests

 systems biology, organs-on-chip, body-on-chip, small molecule omics, tissue engineering, microfluidics

Having managed more than $17M of technically complex, multi-institutional and sometimes international organ-on-chip (OoC) R&D projects from prototyping phases over testing to delivery w/ cross-functional research teams, I take a strategic systems biology approach in developing organ models. Projects thus far have included different heart constructs, lungs, kidneys, liver, fetal membranes, a neurovascular unit, limb development, mammary gland, and gut tissue chip devices as well as enabling hardware, sensors, and software. Among others, OoC (which were almost always interconnected) were developed for pharmacological, toxicological, and defense research applications. I enjoy simplifying complexity into relevant structures with my teams and developing creative solution that can improve processes and enable others to create innovative, challenging goals.

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