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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network




Shaheda Ahmed

Dr Shaheda Ahmed

Senior Scientist
Department R&D
Location Alcyomics Ltd
0191 2086545

3D Models, Preclinical Safety, Organ on a chip, Hypersensitivity, Immunotoxicity, Skin

Asli Akidil

Mrs Asli Akidil

Cell and Molecular Scientist
Location AstraZeneca
07922 252712

Micro Physiological Systems, Preclinical Safety, Organ-on-a-chip, Drug safety and metabolism

Philippa Allen

Dr Philippa Allen

Department n/a
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Complex in vitro models, GI, Lung, Immunology

Gary Allenby

Dr Gary Allenby

Department Assay Development
Location Aurelia Bioscience
07703 058062

Pharmacology, Drug Discovery, 3-D cell biology, Technology applied to drug discovery

Alejandro Amador

Dr Alejandro Amador

Scientific Leader
Location GlaxoSmithKline

3D models, Organ-on-a-chip, HTS, PKPD, Lung, Colon

Augustin Amour

Dr Augustin Amour

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Lung, Bronchiectasis, COPD, Asthma, Fibrosis, Infections

Joschka-Joseph Anderson

Mr Joschka-Joseph Anderson

IOT/DevOPS Engineer
Location Stanford

Robotics, Environmental monitoring, System on a chip, IoT, Linux, Cloud engineering

Joseph Anderson

Mr. Joseph Anderson

DevOPS/IoT Engineer
Department IT/Biochemistry
Location Riboxeplex-DataSoft and Stanford Medical

colloid & surface chemistry, mitochondria, High Level Synthesis, bioinformatics, 3D printing and metamaterials, artificial photosynthesis

Dale Athey

Dr Dale Athey

Strategic Lead - Life Sciences & Health
Department Strategy
Location National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
07718 186543

Analytical Methods, Measurement, Standardisation, Reproducibility, Imaging, AI

Alexander Bachmanov

Dr Alexander Bachmanov

Scientific Leader
Location GlaxoSmithKline

neuroscience, genetics, immunology

Sandra Baldwin

Sandra Baldwin

Location GlaxoSmithKline


Jim Ballesty

Mr Jim Ballesty

General Manager
Department CELL
Location Enplas Europe Ltd.

Organ on a Chip

Miriam Barry

Dr Miriam Barry

Department Medical Radiation Science
Location National Physical Laboratory

Medical Physics, Radiobiology, Radiotherapy

Claudia Beaurivage

Miss Claudia Beaurivage

Industrial Ph.D candidate-Associate scientist
Department University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Location Galapagos BV

Gut-on-a-chip, IBD, Inflammatory bowel disease, Organoplate, immune cells, CRISPR

Holger Becker

Dr. Holger Becker

Location microfluidic ChipShop GmbH

Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Injection molding, Commercialization, Membranes

Nicola Beer

Dr Nicola Beer

Senior Head of Dept - Discovery Biology and Pharmacology
Location Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford
+44 7557 865251

Diabetes, Metabolism, Islets, Liver, Adipose, Gut

Graham Broder

Dr Graham Broder

Associate Director Bio-Engineering
Location CN-Bio Innovations

Bio-Engineering, Sensors, Fluidics, Chemistry

Ian Broughton

Mr Ian Broughton

Program Director, HPC for Health & Life Science
Location Oracle Corporation
07717 716788

Body on a chip, Organoids

Matt Brunsting

Mr Matt Brunsting

Regional Sales Manager
Location CellScale Biomaterials Testing
519-342-6870 x102

Pelin Candarlioglu

Dr. Pelin Candarlioglu

Investigator - Bioengineer/Cell Biologist
Department Complex In Vitro Models
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Organ on chip, Cancer biology, Immunoncology

Renato Cardoso

Dr Renato Cardoso

Director Genetic Toxicology
Location Charles River Laboratories

Gentic Toxicology, Safety Assessment, Drug Development, Mutagenesis, Carcinogenesis, Genomics

Lynsey Chatham

Dr Lynsey Chatham

Associate Principal Scientist
Department Toxicology
Location Cyprotex

Toxicology, Hepatocytes

Alison Clayton

Dr Alison Clayton

Location Biogelx Limited
07305 849259

hydrogels, cell culture

Leiam Colbert

Dr Leiam Colbert

Principal Scientist
Location Emulate Bio

Bone Marrow, Liver, Heart, Muscle, Brain

Hugo Corstjens

Dr Hugo Corstjens

Department .
Location Novigo+

skin, machine learning and artificial intelligence, alternative testing

Tom Crabbe

Dr Tom Crabbe

Director, External Discovery
Location Biopharma

kinases, proteinases, ani-inflammatory drugs, antibodies, amyloids, synthetic biology

Erik Crawford

Mr Erik Crawford

Strategic Partnership Manager
Department Life Science
Location imec

nanotechnology, single cell analysis, genomics, microfluidics, photonics, organ-on-a-chip

Jacob Cunningham

MR Jacob Cunningham

Business Development Specialist
Department Business Development
Location Aber Instruments
07483 044871

Lowry Curley

Dr Lowry Curley

Department AxoSim
Location AxoSim

Nerve-on-a-Chip, Neuroscience, Biomaterials, Neurotoxicity, Neurodegenerative disease, Electrophysiology

Katherine Czysz

Dr Katherine Czysz

Senior Field Application Scientist
Department Life Sciences
Location Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics

iPSC, disease modeling, drug discovery, 3D models, in vitro

Gianni Dal Negro

Dr Gianni Dal Negro

Director Complex In Vitro Platforms
Location GlaxoSmithKline
07920 567038

pre-clinical, micro-fluidics, patho-physiology, human relevance, mechanistic, Investigative

Rhiannon David

Dr Rhiannon David

MPS Scientific Lead
Department CPSS
Location AstraZeneca

Sander De Vos

Mr Sander De Vos

Director of Sales
Location Mimetas

Organ-on-a-Chip, 3D Tissue cultures, high-throughput screening, Personalised Medicine, human tissue biology, organ models

Julianna Deakyne

Dr. Julianna Deakyne

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Complex in vitro Models, Structural Cardiotoxicity, Mitochondrial Toxicity, High Content Imaging, Safety 3D Models

Eva-Maria Dehne

Dr Eva-Maria Dehne

Location TissUse GmbH

multi-organ-chip, body-on-a-chip, automation, tissue models

Rotimi Dina

Mr Rotimi Dina

Account Manager
Location CN Bio Innovations
01707 358739

3D Microtissues, Microfluidics, Organ on a chip

Nicholas Duggan

Mr Nicholas Duggan

Location Cellesce
07950 156800

Organoids, Personalised medicine, Stratified medicone, Precision medicine

Roy Edward

Mr Roy Edward

Sales Mktg Director
Location BioStatus Limited
01509 381006

DNA Probes, Viability, Cell Health, Hypoxia

Jason Ekert

Dr Jason Ekert

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Immuno-Oncology, Organoid, Drug discovery, Inflammatory diseases

Lorna Ewart

Dr Lorna Ewart

Department Europe
Location Emulate, Inc.

Pharmacology, Toxicology, Liver, Lung, GI, PKPD

Kristin Fabre

Dr Kristin Fabre

Location AstraZeneca

Microphysiological Systems, Organs on Chips, Drug Development, Public Private Partnerships, Blood Brain Barrier, 3D models

Cameron Field

Dr Cameron Field

Location Quell Therapeutics

Immunology, Metabolism, Autoimmunity, Inflammation

Alex Flanagan

Mr Alex Flanagan

Location TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd
+44 (0)845 330 7556

Hyaluronan, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology

Alison Foster

Mrs Alison Foster

Senior Scientist
Location AstraZeneca

Hepatic, Metabolism, Microphysiological systems, Liver-Chip

Joan Gannon

Dr Joan Gannon

Head of Scientific Operations
Department Living biology
Location OxSyBio Ltd

Biofabrication, 3D printing, Synthetic Biology, Therapeutics, Automated standardised models, Matrix Chemicals

Mirella Georgouli

Dr Mirella Georgouli

Senior Scientist, Oncology Cell Therapy
Department Translational Medicine
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Patricio Godoy

Dr Patricio Godoy

Lab Head/Senior Scientist
Department pRED/Pharmaceutical Sciences/Investigative Safety
Location Hoffmann- La Roche LTD

Liver, Immune system, Metabolism, Toxicity, Transcriptomics

Heather Grant

Ms. Heather Grant

Senior Director of Program Management, Chief of Staff to the President and Chief Scientific Officer


Peggy Guzzie-Peck

Dr Peggy Guzzie-Peck

Global Head, Investigative Safety Science
Location Janssen, R&D

Toxicology, safety, pharmaceutical

Malcolm Haddrick

Dr Malcolm Haddrick

Location Medicines Discovery Catapult

3D cell models, efficacy, toxicity, sensor technology, collaborative R&D, new model development

Viv Hallam

Mr Viv Hallam

Location Kirkstall Limited
07903 163883

QuasiVivo, Air liquid interface, Cell chambers, manufacturer, nutrient flow, peristaltic pumps

Ben Haworth

Mr Ben Haworth

Technical Account Manager
07954 099973

3D Model, Organ on a Chip, Microfluidics, Perfusion, Vessel, Organoid

Richard Haworth

Dr Richard Haworth

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Toxicology, Pathology

Manjunath Hegde

Dr Manjunath Hegde

Investigator, Miniaturized Biology/Complex Cellular Models Scientist
Location GlaxoSmithKline
+44 7464 800104

3D cell culture, Complex in vitro models, Organ on chip, microfluidics, Drug screening

Michael Helme

Mr Michael Helme

Business Developmet
Location Emulate Inc

hepatic, Kidney, Safety, Toxicology, organoids, Primary cells

Jamie Henshall

Dr Jamie Henshall

Principal Scientist DMPK
Department iADME
Location UCB

Edith Hessel

Dr Edith Hessel

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Immunology, Lung, Gut

Camille Hetez

Mrs Camille Hetez

Location Enplas Europe Ltd.

Single Cell, Organ on a chip, Diagnostic, Drug development, Toxicity

Philip Hewitt

Dr Philip Hewitt

Location Merck KGaA

Organoids, DILI, Intetsinal models, Nano-sensors, Cardiovascular, CNS

Peter Hewkin

Dr Peter Hewkin

Location Centre for Business Innovation / Microfluidics Consortium
07951 721110

Enabling Infrastructure, Standards for Interoperability, Microfluidics, Pumps, Valves, Coatings

Antoni Homs Corbera

Dr Antoni Homs Corbera

Department R&D
Location Cherry Biotech

Microfluidics, Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Signal processing, Biophysics, Electronics

Thibault Honegger

Dr Thibault Honegger

Location NETRI

neuroscience, neurological troubles, Alzheimer's disease, Parkison's disease

Sarah Hopkins

Dr Sarah Hopkins

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Target Validation, In vitro models, Respiratory, Oncology, COPD

Reyk Horland

Dr. Reyk Horland

Location TissUse GmbH

Multi-Organ-Chips, Organoids, Disease models, Assay development, Substance testing

Mike Hudson

Dr Mike Hudson

07812 345301

cardiomyocytes, cardiac tissue models, ion channels, hERG, CiPA assay, electrophysiology

David Hughes

Dr David Hughes

Chief Technology Officer
Location CN Bio Innovations

NASH, Oncology

Robert Ives

Mr Robert Ives

Location GlaxoSmithKline

in-vivo, respiratory, palatability, HIV

Himjyot Jaiswal

Dr Himjyot Jaiswal

Senior Research Scientist
Location Novo Nordisk

Organ crosstalk, Complex disease modeling

Claire Jeong

Dr Claire Jeong

Department Complex In Vitro Models
Location GlaxoSmithKline

organ on chip, bioprinting, organoid, complex in vitro models, safety, efficacy

Amanda Jones

Ms Amanda Jones

Stratergy Leader
Department Health Science
Location PerkinElmer

Complex models, Phenotypic Analysis, Drug Discovery and Development

Darren Jones

Mr Darren Jones

Business Account Manager
Location Genedata
+44 20 3870 0186

Data analysis, Drug Discovery, AI, Deep Learning, Screening

Jos Joore

Dr Jos Joore

Location MIMETAS - The Organ-on-a-Chip Company

cancer models, liver models, gut intestinal models, kidney models, brain CNS neuronal models, blood vessel vasculature models

Nessima Kaabeche

Dr Nessima Kaabeche

Research Scientist
Department Coating and Laminating
Location emerson & renwick limited
07753 136083

Vacuum coating, etching, nano imprit lithography, screen printing, biosensors, roll-to-roll

Ahmad Kamal

Dr Ahmad Kamal

External Liaison
Location UCB Celltech

Drug discovery, Translational biology, Screening technologies, Patient profiling/biomarkers, Immunology, Cell biology and pharmacology

Hakan Keles

Dr Hakan Keles

Scientific Investigator
Department R&D, Functional Genomics
Location GlaxoSmithKline
01438 762711

High content imaging, Fluorescence microscopy, Complex in vitro models

Seren Kell

Ms Seren Kell

Research Manager
Location IN-PART

Julia Kenny

Julia Kenny

Scientific Director, Genetic toxicology & Photosafety
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Genetic Toxicology, Mutation, Cytogenetics, Toxicology, Drug Development

Darren Kidd

Dr Darren Kidd

Senior Scientist
Department Genetic Toxicology and New Approach Methods
Location Covance Laboratories Ltd, Harrogate, UK
01432 635218

NAMs, In vitro toxicology, OECD Test Guidelines, Genetic Toxicology, organ on a chip, in silico methods

Stanely King

Dr Stanely King

VP Corporate Development
Location Emulate, Inc.

Jean-Louis Klein

Dr Jean-Louis Klein

Scientific Director
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Drug development, Cancer, Inflammation, 3D cellular model, Human relevant model, Target validation

Zornitsa Kofinova

Ms Zornitsa Kofinova

Location Enplas Europe Ltd

chip, microfluidics, cancer

Kinga Kosim

Ms Kinga Kosim

Department The University of Sheffield
Location Mimetas

gut on a chip, IBD

Tomasz Kostrzewski

Dr Tomasz Kostrzewski

Associate Director, Biology
Location CN Bio Innovations

NASH, Oncology

Ann Kramer

Ms Ann Kramer

Department The Electrospinning Company
Location The Electrospinning Company

Simon Lawson

Dr Simon Lawson

Strategic Technology Manager
Department R&D
Location Malvern Panalytical Ltd
07720 634773


Wilhem Leconet

Dr Wilhem Leconet

Academic Collaborations Coordinator
Location MedinCell

Drug delivery, long acting injectables, polymer chemistry, hydrogel

Natasha Lewis

Dr Natasha Lewis

Research Scientist
Department Cambridge Enplas Life Science Lab
Location Enplas
01223 661198

stem cells, cancer, vasculature, kidney

Michal Lipka

Dr Michal Lipka

Business Development Manager
Department Services
Location Ardigen

Valon Llabjani

Dr Valon Llabjani

Department R&D
Location Revivocell Limited
07588 015987

co-culture, Liver pre-clinical drug screening, barrier organs, ADME, Hepatotoxicity, 3D cell culture

Doug Major

Mr Doug Major

Business Development Engineer
Location FESTO

Point of Care, IVD, Pneumatics, Production, Industrial Partner

Paromita Majumder

Dr Paromita Majumder

Location DNA e
07531 029420

liquid biopsies, stem cell, AAV, drug discovery

Rob Marchington

Dr Rob Marchington

Senior Consultant
Department Medical Technology Division
Location Cambridge Consultants
01223 392167

Microfluidics, Product design, Engineering consultancy, Cell therapy, Biotech, Lab-on-a-chip

Naoki Matsuoka

Naoki Matsuoka

Marketing Manager, Business Divelopment Division
Location AGC Inc.

Organ-on-a-chip, MPS, Liver, Lung, Intestine, Heart

Nathalie MAUBON

Dr Nathalie MAUBON

Location HCS Pharma

drug discovery, High Content Screening, Cell imaging, 3D culture, Extracellular Matrix

Nick McMahon

Dr Nick McMahon

VP, Mechanistic Safety and Disposition
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Safety, Translation, Metabolism, Toxicology, Pharmacology

Sandro Meucci

Dr Sandro Meucci

R&D Scientist
Location Micronit Microtechnologies

Microfluidics, Organ on chip, Lab on chip

Lisa Mohamet

Dr Lisa Mohamet

Scientific Leader Drug Design & Selection
Location GlaxoSmithKline

lung on a chip, stem cell models, gut on a chip, microfluidics

Sunish Mohanan

Dr Sunish Mohanan

Director of Pathology
Department Pathology
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Pathology, Oncology, Immunology, Immunooncology, Histology, Histopathology

Hitoshi Naraoka

Dr Hitoshi Naraoka

Director, Head of Tsukuba Central Research Center in AMED-MPS PJ
Department Tsukuba Central Research Center
Location Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association

Preclinical Toxicology, ADME

Dung Nguyen

Ms Dung Nguyen

Location GlaxoSmithKline

DMPK Expertise, PBPK Modeler, Drug-Drug Interaction, PK/PD Modeler

Scott Nicol

Dr Scott Nicol

Group Leader R&D
Location Midas Mediscience

Cardiomyocyte, MEA, Electrophysiology, Safety, Pharmaceutical, Toxicology

Nadia Normand

DR Nadia Normand

Business Development Manager
Location tebu-bio SAS
+33 (0)1 30 46 39 71

Microfluidics, 3D culture, Physioxia

Sophie Nyberg

Dr Sophie Nyberg

Senior Scientist - Complex Cell Models
Location Medicines Discovery Catapult

Neuroscience, Complex cell models

Paola Occhetta

Dr Paola Occhetta

Location BiomimX srl

beating organs on chip, mechanical stimulation, electrical recording, cardiac models, articular joint disease

Charlotte Ohonin

Mrs Charlotte Ohonin

CEO, Founder
Department Molecular Biology
+43 680 55 00 909

brain-on-chip, brain organoid, retinal organoid, microfluidics

Robbie Oliver

Mr Robbie Oliver

Location Jellagen

Collagen, Hydrogel, Cell Culture

Amr Othman

Mr Amr Othman

Junior scientist..model and application development
Department Biology team
Location BIOND B.V.

Organ on a chip, Microfluidics and shear stress, Organoids and 3d culture, ECM and microenvironment, Mechanical stress

Aydin Oztunali

Mr. Aydin Oztunali

Department Izmir Technopark
Location Initio Biomedical Engineering Consulting Ind. Tra. Ltd. Co.

Vashu Pamnani

Dr Vashu Pamnani

Location Cambridge Bioscience

PerfusionPal, organ on a chip system, SeedEZ, GradientEZ

Dimitri Pappaioannou

Mr Dimitri Pappaioannou

Location Mimetas

Organ on a Chip, MPS, Microfluidics

Conor Parks

Mr Conor Parks

Cell and Molecular Scientist
Location AstraZeneca

Jamie Patient

Dr Jamie Patient

Department DMPK
Location Sygnature Discovery

Discovery Toxicology, ADME/DMPK, 3D cell culture, spheroids, DILI, hepatic

Samantha Peel

Dr Samantha Peel

Location Astrazeneca

Oncology, Organ-Chips, Confocal Imaging, Trafficking

Theresa Pell

Dr Theresa Pell

Location GlaxoSmithKline

Respiratory, Cell biology, Human disease relevant models

Tudor Petreus

Dr Tudor Petreus

Location AstraZeneca cambridge UK
07553 882800

Microfluidics, organ on a chip, oncology, microphysiological systems

Christy Prawiro

Dr Christy Prawiro

Location Novo Nordisk Research Center in Oxford

Stem cell, human embyronic stem cell, human induced pluripotent stem cell, mechanobiology, beta-cell, regeneration cell therapy

Raymond Price

Dr Raymond Price

Location PhenoVista Biosciences

Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Cell biology

Sebastian Prill

Dr Sebastian Prill

Senior Scientist
Location AstraZeneca

Liver, Microfluidics, Biosensors, Multi-Organ, NAFLD, NASH

Robert Purcell

Dr Robert Purcell

Senior Scientist
Location Dstl

Endothelial cells, Lung

Omar Qureshi

Dr Omar Qureshi

VP Scientific Operations
Department Scientific Operations
Location Celentyx Ltd

Immuno-oncology, Organoid, Immunology, Cell Biology, Fibrosis, Imaging

Naveen Ramalingam

Dr Naveen Ramalingam

Director, Single Cell Genomics R&D
Department R&D
Location Fluidigm Corporation

Marian Raschke

Dr Marian Raschke

Head of Mechanistic Toxicology
Department Pharmaceutials Division
Location Bayer AG, Germany

in vitro toxicology, 3D models, Liver models / hepatotoxicity, Intestinak models / GI toxicity, High Content Imaging, IVIV / PBPK modeling

Kristin Roberts

Mrs Kristin Roberts

Location Omni Intl
07706 600793

Genetics, In Vivo models, Tissue extractions, Metabolomics

Alasdair Robertson

Dr Alasdair Robertson

Location SAL Scientific Limited
023 8129 0272

Microfluidics, Epithelia, airway-on-chip, lung-on-chip

Mhairi Rodgers

Dr Mhairi Rodgers

Head of Operations
Location Biogelx
01698 534655

Peptide, Hydrogels, Bioinks, Cell Culture, Regenerative Medicine, Non-Animal Derived

Susan Roelofs

Dr. Susan Roelofs

Location Locsense

cell culture, organ on chip, impedance, automation

Nuria Roldan

Dr Nuria Roldan

Location AlveoliX

Lung-on-chip, Stretch, Alveolar epithelial cells, Disease models, Toxicology

Clive Roper

Dr Clive Roper

Head, In Vitro Sciences
Department In Vitro Sciences
Location Charles River Laboratories
07736 344451

dermal, respiratory, drug delivery, drug metabolism, toxicology

Julie Rosser

Dr Julie Rosser

Location Pregenerate Inc

Arthritis, Microfluidics, Musculoskeletal, Ethical, Orthopaedics, Personalized Medicine

Wendy Rowan

Dr Wendy Rowan

Scientific Leader/Manager
Location GlaxoSmithKline
07487 672052

Respiratory, Immunology, Inflammation, Gut, Target, Drug

George Royal

Mr George Royal

Senior Scientist
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Human Disease Relevant Models, Functional Genomics

Marta Rucka

Dr Marta Rucka

Location Promega UK
07735 303847

Cell biology, Cell health, 3D cell culutre, HTS, Drug discovery

Kritika Sadh

Dr Kritika Sadh

Research Scientist
Location Unilever
07417 413378

Alternatives to animal testing

Giorgia Salvagiotto

Dr Giorgia Salvagiotto

Discovery Research Account Manager
+44 (0) 7787 284733

iPSC, pluripotent stem cells, human cells

Ilaria Sanzari

Dr Ilaria Sanzari

Location TTP, Melbourn

Microfabrication, BioMEMS, Tissue Engineering

Giuseppe Schettino

Prof Giuseppe Schettino

Principal Research Scientist
Department Medical Radiation Physics
Location National Physical Laboratory

Radiotherapy, Radiation Biology

Christopher Schofield

Mr Christopher Schofield

Investigator and GSK Associate Fellow
Location GlaxoSmithKline

3D, spheroids, organoids, safety, cancer, immuno oncology

Luis Serrano

Dr. Luis Serrano

Head of Sales and business development
+34 679277556

Organ on chip, Microfluidics, Biosensors, Cell culture, Organoids, Personalized medicine

Anup Dutt Sharma

Dr. Anup Dutt Sharma

Lead Scientist
Department Reseach & Development
Location AxoSim

Stem cell differentiation, Brain organoids, Microphysiology systems, Drug screening, Neural tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine

Cinzia Silvestri

Dr Cinzia Silvestri

CEO and founder
Department .
Location BIOND Solutions (BI/OND)

microfabrication, microfluidic, sensors, hardware, platform

Bhumika Singh

Dr Bhumika Singh

Location Kirkstall Limited
+44 7804 699367

quasi vivo, bio reactor, organ-on-a-chip, tissue engineering, tissue models, dynamic flow

Erich Sirkowski

Prof Erich Sirkowski

Senior Scientist
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Immunology, Complex In-Vitro Modelling, Neuroscience

Maciej Skolimowski

Dr Maciej Skolimowski

Research Manager
Location Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.

Microfluidics, Organ-on-a-Chip, Point-of-Care, Lab-on-a-Chip, Cell culture, Fabrication

Maria Southall

Dr Maria Southall

Deputy Editor
Location Royal Society of Chemistry

Hugh Spotswood

Dr Hugh Spotswood

Director, Licensing & Business Development
Department Life science
Location Merck KGaA

organ-on-a-chip, 3D models, ADME-Tox, drug safety, CRISPR, organoids

BanuPriya Sridharan

Dr BanuPriya Sridharan

Department Complex In Vitro Models
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Simone Stahl

Dr Simone Stahl

Team Lead Influx & Disposition, ADME Sciences
Department Clinical Pharmacology and Safety Sciences
Location AstraZeneca

microphysiological systems, organ models, ADME, transporters

Jan Stallen

Mr Jan Stallen

Team Leader
Location Galapagos BV
+31 71 750 6700

Autoimmune disease, IBD, Gut-on-a-chip

Patrick Sweeney

Dr Patrick Sweeney

Location Royal Veterinary College

in vivo modelling, preclinical models, neurology, locomotor activity, musculoskeletal disease, drug design

Christopher Taylor

Dr Christopher Taylor

Study Scientist
Location XCellR8

Genetics, Sensitisation, Skin Tissue Model

St├ęphane Temmerman

Mr St├ęphane Temmerman

Director, Pre-clinical Immunology
Department Vaccines
Location GlaxoSmithKline

pre-clinical, vaccine research

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

Senior Scientist
Location GlaxoSmithKline

3D, enteroid, gastrointestinal, organoid, toxicology

Claire Townsend

Dr Claire Townsend

Scientific leader
Department Medicine design
Location GlaxoSmithKline

Drug discovery, Pharmacology, Immunology, Oncology

Glenn Tracey

Mr Glenn Tracey

Department Mass Spectrometry
Location Microsaic Systems Plc
01483 751577

Mass Spectrometry

Carol Treasure

Dr Carol Treasure

Location XCellR8
07899 845222

In vitro toxicology, Safety testing, Animal product free, Non-animal testing, CRO, Contract testing


Mr Florian TUSSEAU

Location HiFiBiO Therapeutics


Peter Tyrer

Dr Peter Tyrer

Senior Scientist
Location Enplas
01233 661198

Complex cell culture, 3D culture, Tumour biology, Immuno-oncology

Priya Viswanathan

Ms Priya Viswanathan

Senior Scientist- Complex cell models
Location Medicines Discovery Catapult

cell models, microfluidics, biomaterials, bioengineering

Volker Vogel

Dr. Volker Vogel

Business Development Manager
Location Lonza Bioscience Solutions

Primary cells, Diseased cells, Cell culture media, Advanced cell culture systems, 3D cell culture

Richard Wales

Dr Richard Wales

Technology & Innovation |Programme Coordinator
Department Corporate Research Group
Location Sartorius
+44 7739 332975

cell analytics, disease models, simulation, automation/integration, drug discovery

Damian Walker

Mr Damian Walker

National Projects Manager
Department Bronkhorst UK
Location Bronkhorst UK
07494 454712

Paul Walker

Dr Paul Walker

Head of Toxicology
Department Toxicology
Location Cyprotex

Microtissues, In vitro toxicology, Organ models, High content imaging, IVIVE, ADME-Tox

Tracy Walker

Dr Tracy Walker

Department Research & Development
Location GlaxoSmithKline

hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, preclinical, translation

Rachel Watkins

Mrs Rachel Watkins

Location Defence Science Technology Laboratories


John Watson

Mr John Watson

Business Development Manager
Department TTP Ventus
01763 262626

Pressure Driven Flow (PDF), Silent and compact micropump, Highly controllable pump, Set up laminar flow, vibration free, Accurate pressure gradients

Donald Wellings

Dr Donald Wellings

Managing Director
Location Spheritech Ltd
01928 511331

Regenerative medicine, 3D scaffolds, 3D cell culture, Tissue repair, Artificial blood

Malcolm Wilkinson

Dr Malcolm Wilkinson

Department Research
Location Kirkstall Limited
01709 361241

3D Cell Culture, Organ on a plate, Training Courses, Animal reduction, Multi organ co culture

James Wilson

Dr James Wilson

Principal Scientist
Location Epistem Ltd

Intestine, Epithelium, Cell fate, Microbiome, Immunology

Pei-En Wu

Mr. Pei-En Wu

Location USI Corporation

Plastics, Polymer, Material

Jae Yoo

Dr Jae Yoo

Location GlaxoSmithKline

3DP, Bioprinting, Additive Manufacturing, Microfluidics, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery

Steven Zimmer

Mr Steven Zimmer

Founder and CEO
Location EpiCombi Therapeutics
07775 922010

Cancer, High Content in vitro screening, AI, Chemogenomics

Stefania Zona

Dr Stefania Zona

senior scientist
Location GlaxoSmithKline

oncology, immuno-oncology, drug-discovery