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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network


Dr Hitoshi Naraoka

Hitoshi NaraokaPh.D., MBA

Director, Head of Tsukuba Central Research Center in AMED-MPS PJ

Tsukuba Central Research Center
Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association

Research Interests

Preclinical Toxicology, ADME

Liver, Gut, BBB , Kidney

Collaboration Interests

I'm a member of AMED-MPS project which is the national project for MPS in Japan and that of the secretary office of this project. In this project, the government, academia, Pharma, and developer in Japan are joining.
Also, I'm the leader of the MPS team in CSAHi which is the consortium for safety assessment using stem cells in Japan. Many Japanese Pharmas and CROs are joining CSAHi-MPS.
I'm seeking the organization for global harmonization for using MPS for drug discovery such as ICH.
Thank you for your cooperation.