Mr John Watson

John WatsonBEng(Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Business Development Manager

Business Development
Lee Ventus
LocationUnited Kingdom
+44 1763 784017

Research Interests

Compact micropumps for Pressure Driven Flow, Accurate flow control that is pulsation free, Flow recirculation with Lee valves, Vacuum and pressure generation for reversible flow and mechanical stretch and compression, Accurately follow any liquid flow profile needed, rapid response to setpoint change.

Lee Ventus manufactures the Disc Pump™ range of award-winning micropumps which are enabling innovation in OOAC microfluidic systems. Our pumps deliver high pressure and flow, silent operation, rapid response time, and ultra-smooth flow – all in a tiny package. Disc pump moves just a few Nano-litres per cycle; this enables the pump in a pressure driven flow system, to move reagents and liquids with a high degree of accuracy and control. It is also possible to set up laminar flow paths within a defined pressure profile; both of which can help to eliminate bubble formation; that then create stress to cells.

Collaboration Interests

We are looking to work with industry partners and research institutions to share our experience and knowledge in microfluidic systems and combine that with the unique properties of our compact and highly controllable micropump, to enable innovation within the field of OOAC.