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Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network


Prof Dan Bader

Dan Bader

Professor of Bioengineering and Tissue Health

University of Southampton
LocationUnited Kingdom
023 8120 4106

Research Interests

Sensing technologies, Medical Device design, Biomarkers for early detection of skin damage, Soft tissue biomechanics, Pressure ulcers, Multi-scale models

Many functional medical devices, which are routinely used in clinical practice, cause damage to skin tissues often leading to pressure ulcers in groups of vulnerable patients, often with co-morbities. The devices are poorly designed using inappropriate materials and are applied by clinicians in an unsafe manner. Improvements require lab-based testing of improved and novel designs, involving monitoring at the skin-device interface using physical sensing and biomarker up regulation to indicate early compromise to loaded skin tissues. This involves multi scale models to identify critical factors that predict behaviour and lead to a selection of novel designs.