Prof David Barrow

David Barrow
Cardiff University
LocationUnited Kingdom
+44(0)7809 839979

Research Interests

Microfluidics, Stem Cell Encapsulation, Microcapsule formation, Compartmentalised Chemistry

Have been involved chemical and bioscience applications of microfluidics for 27 Years. Have capabilities for forming precision compartmentalised micro constructs (Lab on a Chip 17, (2017) 2873-2881) with 3D printed microfluidics [PLoS ONE 11(4), article number: e0152023] using lipid bilayers [Angewandte Chemie – IntEd (2016) 55, 14240-14245], hydrogels, and including bio-organic entities such as stem cells [Tissue Engineering, Part C : Methods (2018), 24(3) 1-13] and bioluminescent bacteria. Currently interested in forming interactive 3-D conglomerates of cell-containing microcapsules to form proto-tissue and organs, for study of life origins, and future use in chemical computation and replacement animal testing.