Prof Huabing Yin

Huabing Yin
Engineering/Biomedical Engineering
University of Glasgow
LocationUnited Kingdom

Research Interests

Microfluidics, Cell mechanics, Raman spectroscopy, Single-cell analysis, Atomic force microscopy

We are interested in investigating how cells interact with their surrounding and respond accordingly, with the knowledge gained to develop means for treating diseases. We have developed a range of enabling technologies to perturb and analyse cell functions in purposely designed biomimetic microenvironments. Examples include integrated microfluidic platforms with label-free optical and electrical detection methods to monitor real-time changes in cells to purposely designed perturbance, as well as various AFM-based approaches to measure the mechanical properties of cells and tissues. Within the network, we are interested in developing collaborations to investigate mechanotransduction processes in cancer and regenerative medicine and their implication in drug delivery.