Dr Ines Sequeira

Ines Sequeira

Group Leader / Barts Charity Lecturer

Institute of Dentistry, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Queen Mary University of London
LocationUnited Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 7882 7007

sequeira.science and www.qmul.ac.uk/dentistry/people/profiles/sequeira.html

Research Interests

Cancer biology, Organoids, Patient-derived tumour organoids, Tumour heterogeneity, Wound healing, Stem Cells

Our aim is to investigate how tumour subclonal genetic changes modulate tumour heterogeneity. We create cancer organoids from primary tumours to recreate tumour heterogeneity in vitro and use this model to test combined therapies and tackle tumour genetic heterogeneity.
Using “tumour-on-a-chip” (tumouroids and normal organoids) we want to be able to determine in vitro sensitivity of drugs (singly or in combination) which target subclonal mutations and are yet to be explored in the treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma.