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Mr Joash Joy


PhD Student

Department  Barts Cancer Institute
  Queen Mary University of London

My Interests

 Ovarian Cancer, Immunology, CAR-T cells, Immunotherapy, 3D Model

It was during my Master's project that I was introduced to Organ-on-a-chip technology. In collaboration with GSK, this project aimed to develop and engineer a skin-on-a-chip model composed of epidermis, dermis and microvasculature of a healthy human skin. Now, my PhD project involves developing an in-vitro model of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer tumour microenvironment within a microfluidic device and use this model to study the migration and cytotoxic activity of CAR-T cells in 3D. This project aims to investigate the mechanism behind CAR-T cell killing in immunosuppressive tumour microenvironment.

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