Dr Jennifer Ashworth

Jennifer AshworthPhD

Anne McLaren Fellow

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
University of Nottingham
LocationUnited Kingdom

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Research Interests

Cancer, 3D models, Tissue engineering, Image analysis, Materials science, Hydrogels

I am an Anne McLaren fellow at the University of Nottingham, researching patient-realistic biomaterial models of fibrosis. To design these models, we must be able to understand and mimic the surroundings that our cells experience in the body. My background is in materials science and creating scaffolds for tissue engineering, and my research combines these areas to help create new 3D culture platforms using materials design approaches. My group uses 3D imaging of healthy and diseased tissues to understand what makes them different, how this changes between types of tissue and species, and how to recreate this in a 3D biomaterial for application to disease modelling.