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Miss Jiawen Dou


Department  NHLI of Imperial College London
Telephone  07462 685907

My Interests

 Pulmonary Bronchial Epithelium, Microfluidic, Air-flow based shear stress, Infection and immunity, Chronic respiratory diseases

My PhD project involves the engineering of the pulmonary epithelium “on a chip” to investigate immune responses to the inhaled external environmental stimuli. The chip will consist of a differentiated bronchial epithelium supported on a membrane with a ‘breathing’ or oscillating airflow on its apical side and a media flow on the basal side. I will be (as part of my PhD project) be actively involved in research on organ-on-chip devices (in particular, for pulmonary bronchial epithelial cells). Therefore, I wish to join the Organ-on-a-chip technologies network because I want to learn more about the advances in organs with microfluidics.

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