Prof Karl Kadler

Karl Kadler

Professor of Biochemistry

Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research
The University of Manchester
LocationUnited Kingdom
0161 275 5086

Research Interests

Extracellular matrix, Circadian clock, Secretory pathway, Tendon

My laboratory is focused on understanding how cells build tissues that are rich in collagen fibrils. Tendon is our experimental tissue of choice because it is amenable to molecular and structural electron microscopy approaches. We have recently shown that tendon is a strong peripheral circadian clock tissue in which the expression of 745 genes and over 1400 proteins in tendon are circadian clock regulated. As part of the Network I will bring expertise in circadian clock biology and structural electron microscopy. 'Tendon on a chip' will be a new experimental approach to understanding how the circadian clock underpins tissue homeostasis.