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Dr Leonard Nelson

Senior Research Fellow

Department  Institute for Bioengineering
  The University of Edinburgh
Telephone  07792 667425

My Interests

 Hepatology, Liver tissue engineering, Drug-induced liver injury, Liver disease (NAFLD; NASH; Cancer), Synthetic biology, Alzheimer's disease

Our research is focused on developing human liver tissue (2D-3D) organotypic models, mechanisms underlying liver disease utilizing in vitro human disease models (DILI; fatty liver disease; and cholangiocarcinoma), study of the liver–brain axis in Alzheimer’s disease, as well as integrating synthetic biological engineering approaches to the above and for pharmaceutical applications. Integration of these into Organ-on-a-Chip technologies we think would provide synergy to develop a range of disruptive tools for commercial exploitation. We, therefore, seek technologists/bioengineers with novel Organ-on-a-Chip platforms, with innovative solutions - that are amenable to the above applications.

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