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Dr Mandy Peffers

Department  Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease
  University of Liverpool
Telephone  07872 692102

My Interests

 Tendon ageing, small non-coding RNAs, snoRNA, epigenetics, proteomics, arthritis

I use in vitro models of arthritis and tendon disease through my research. Cartilage in particular changes its phenotype when removed from its matrix. Thus relevant in-vitro models are paramount to this area of my research. In addition I study tendon disease using a 3d tissue engineered tendon model. However this model tends to be used in a static manner and I would be interested in discovering further techniques to enable an easy to use dynamic model to be developed. Finally I study a set of molecules called snoRNAs. This group of non-coding RNAS had been studied principally in cancer so meeting cancer researchers will be a benefit to my research.

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