Mr Manish Gore

Manish Gore

Graduate Student

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Research Interests

Organ-on-a-chip, Spheroids, Skin, Retina, Organotypic co-culture, Disease model

I have been working on the development of Organ-on-a-chip technology for Skin as a part of my doctoral research. It's my interest and passion to work for OOC and 3D culture methods to enable development of alternative-to-animal models. United efforts of researchers of different areas of science and engineering are crucial to develop and translate the technology from laboratory to industry. As a graduate student, I wish to learn and explore potential of this technology in preclinical and biomedical research.

Collaboration Interests

1. 3D Organotypic Skin co-culture development
2. IHC analysis
3. Measurement of TEER