Prof. Dr. Ozlem Yesil-Celiktas

Ozlem Yesil-Celiktas

Faculty member

Department of Bioengineering
Ege University

ege university
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Research Interests

organ-on-chips, disease modeling, cerebral organoids, lung organoids

I am working as a faculty member at the Bioengineering Department Ege University. The Biomimetic Microsystems research group I am leading, conduct studies on disease modeling by design and fabrication of organ-on-chip platforms to improve the quality of life. The development of unique biomaterials and design of drug delivery systems that can be used and tested in these platforms are of prime concern. As part of our on-going research, neural responses to inflammation are being addressed by cerebral organoid-on-chip model we are developing, whereas cellular responses to environmental pollutants are examined in the small-on-chip airway platform developed at our lab.