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Mr Sander De Vos

Director of Sales

Department  Mimetas


My Interests

 Organ-on-a-Chip, 3D Tissue cultures, high-throughput screening, Personalised Medicine, human tissue biology, organ models

Our vision is to create the simplest device for the most complex 3D biology. With perfused vessels, co-cultures and optimized microenvironments. And so easy-to-use that you almost forget you’re working with probably the most advanced tissue culture platform ever. With the OrganoPlate®, that vision is now here. Say hello to the OrganoPlate®, the future of 3D tissue models. We all want better medicines, that’s obvious. To make this possible, we need better disease models, fully human and physiologically relevant. Truly informative tools, compatible with compounds and with high-throughput readout equipment. And of course we need them today, rather than tomorrow. As true pioneers in organ-on-a-chip biology, we are proud to develop any-throughput human tissue and disease models in the OrganoPlate® for the industry.

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