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Professor Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam

Professor of Engineering & Surgery (UCL); Consultant Vascular Surgeon (Leeds); Founding Professor of Surgery (WArwick)

Department  Surgery; Engineering
  UCL; Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; University of Warwick

My Interests

 vascular biology, microfluidics, cells-on-chips, human disease models, application of emergent technologies in medicine, bridging medicine-science-engineering

I am a practising clinician who works across medicine, science and engineering. I have a visiting scholar post at Harvard University, where I am working on microfluidic applications for clinical sensing. I am keen to explore, further, how cells and organs on chips, can both recapitulate, more closely, human pathophysiology, and how this can be used to improve healthcare delivery (prevention, treatment, and prognosis).

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