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Silvia Scaglione

Chief Scientist


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Research Interests

I'm the chief scientist of React4life that has developed the organ on chip MIVO, that received the award as best Health technology 2021 (https://eic.eismea.eu/community/articles/news-eic-pathfinder-company-react4life-wins-ir-prize-health-tech-innovation-category).
It allows hosting different 2D/3D cell models (e.g. cells monolayer, 3D organoids, patient derived biopsies), adding a controlled fluid-dynamic condition emulating the blood flow where systemic drugs and circulating immune cells flow.

we aim to advance disease knowledge and drug testing by MIVO® technology, the next generation of effective in vitro 3D fluid-dynamic assays.

The MIVO device has been already validated in many application as described in these papers:
(i) in oncology by culturing 3D human cancer tissue for resembling the tumour cell migration and intravasation (Cavo M, et al, Scientific reports 2018)
(ii) in drug efficacy testing (Marrella A, et al, Altex 2021)
(iii) in immunotherapies (Marrella A et al, Frontiers in Immunology 2019)
(iv) in gut absorption (Marrella A et al, ALTEX 2019)
(v) in skin permeation, coauthored with Merck KgaA (SLAS 2022)

Collaboration Interests

oncology, immunooncology