Dr Sharon Dewitt

Sharon Dewitt


Matrix Biology and Tissue Repair, School of Dentistry, College of Biological and Life Sciences
Cardiff University
LocationUnited Kingdom
029 2251 0665


Research Interests

Cartilage, Osteoarthritis, Matrix, Inflammation, Neutrophil, Biomarker

Osteoarthritis remains a major challenge, with no disease modifying drugs available. Development of an artificial synovial joint would facilitate identification of early disease markers and also facilitate rapid drug screening.
We have developed a 3D cartilage model from human chondrocyte progenitor cells, which has similar biochemical, histological and mechanical properties to native human articular cartilage. We hope to integrate our cartilage model with other joint-relevant material (bone, synovium, etc) to create an in vitro system that can replicate joint tissue responses.